Room Rental Rates and Videoconferencing

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Videoconferencing Services

The Huntington Beach Public Library has six separate meeting rooms with seating capacities ranging from 10 (boardroom style) to 200 (theater style) to meet your videoconferencing needs. Catering is available on premises with an in-house commercial kitchen and local referrals.

Technical Details: Our facility uses Polycom Viewstation equipment and offers only IP type calls. The facility's videoconferencing center phone number is 1-866-223-2700

Videoconferencing Room Rental Fees:

Normal Business Hours, Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm rate is $175 / hour / room

Before or After Hours and Weekends rate is $ 262.50 / hour / room

Other Fees:

  • Videoconferencing Phone Lines (Outgoing Calls)
  • Scheduling Fee/Cancellation Fee
  • Technical Support
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Security
  • Room Set-up / Clean-up
  • Alcohol Services & Liability Insurance

Videoconferencing Suggested Uses:

Within California

Employment Interviews

Legal Depositions

Client Contacts

Project Management

Association Conferences

Across the USA

Sales Meetings

Product Launches

Press Conferences


Distance Learning

Around the World

Management Training

Strategic Planning

Focus Group Research

Government Workshops

Community Forums

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